Wednesday, 16 March 2011

work hard.

there is no short cut but work hard.

ya. that was all today about. 15 March 2011.
everyone is doing good for Abangku project. the lecturer and tutors were a bit impressed of our final artworks, i think. haha.

today is like a blessing though. I've been mentioned in class for the construction manual, Miss Anum and Alak remember my stool design, En. Megat said that my workmanship is good and everything went well during the presentation. Alhamdulillah.

hahaha. allow me to be poyo sometimes! give chance lah!

next, Final Art Project - Project Runaway.
the final project and the last project that will determine my future.. then, I'll be free for 5 months! wohoo. but deep inside, I'm sad. I don't want all this to be ended. hunted DKB, boring lectures, projects, friends, class on Saturday.. I'll miss all those memories. :')

still, I'll be happy! finally I'LL BE FREE from all this burden! haha

well. this is the time.
time to change and show what I've got.

like mama said, "work-more-harder."
work more and work harder.
InsyaAllah ma, I'll do it for you!



Nia Ridzwan said...

good job darl.
u've did ur best.
good luck for ur next project(s)


oney said...

thanks Nia ! :)