Wednesday, 9 March 2011

hardest time.

project, project, project..

I don't know what it may lead.. I don't know how the ending.. everything is blur. everything is unsure. unpredictable.

somehow, my last Art project's marks give me hope. she didn't even know my name though, sad. but it's okay. at least what I've got are all based on my effort and idea. so lets hope for a better inspiration for my cardboard stool and also the construction manual, which I have to draw step by step! huargh. I always feel insecure, worried, lost.. when I've to draw. maybe because I've been telling myself "I can't draw, I can't draw, Oni you can't draw.." for too long, too often. well, it's too late to change but never too late to try. lets keep the positive spirit and throw away the evil thought. InsyaAllah.. I've no reason of writing this shit. I really need a momentum to start studying, start doing my projects.. ya. final's just 24 days from now, I'm worried. I can't do anything but change. pray for me dear family, friends.. and I hope you're doing well. where ever you are, I always care for you and I miss you. I miss every single thing about us.. take care.

All night, a man called “Allah”

Until his lips were bleeding.
Then the Devil said, “Hey! Mr Gullible!
How comes you’ve been calling all night

And never once heard Allah say, “Here, I am”?
You call out so earnestly and, in reply, what?
I’ll tell you what. Nothing!”

The man suddenly felt empty and abandoned.
Depressed, he threw himself on the ground
And fell into a deep sleep.
In a dream, he met Abraham, who asked,
“Why are you regretting praising Allah?”

The man said, “I called and called
But Allah never replied, “Here I am.”
Abraham explained, “Allah has said,
“Your calling my name is My reply.
Your longing for Me is My message to you.
All your attempts to reach Me
Are in reality My attempts to reach you.
Your fear and love are a noose to catch Me.
In the silence surrounding every call of “Allah”

Waits a thousand replies of “Here I am.”

and the hardest part was letting go,

not taking part..

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