Wednesday, 1 December 2010

things I want. #1

Oxfords Shoes!

I just love shoes or I have to say, I need to wear shoes
because my feet will sweat excessively if I wear a sandal or slippers.

so, here is the solution.
an Oxfords shoes!

Vans shoes! omaigoddddddd!

please. please. please.
I want this! *faint*

the Vans checkered shoes I have before is so out dated. I think?
so, here is the time for a new Vans! yeeehooo!

I think of wearing a wedges or high-heels after this.
maybe next year? hey. I almost nineteen!
I should act like one and be mooore feminine. HAHAHA
this may sounds stupid or insane.
but, who can ever resist this?
killer PURPLE wedges!
mind you, it is PURPLE !!!!

great shoes will bring you to the great place!


anonymousity said...

ehem, wedges? ehem :p
haha btw, first time tgk hg writing in english :p

oney said...

first time? haha.
click older post, ada jaa in English.
tengok time. hueh

farteen said...


ezne ezureen rashid said...

comey semuanyaaa oneeyyy
lawa weehhh

oney said...

geram kan, geram kan? :D