Thursday, 2 December 2010

secretly I'm fragile.

today is the second day of December,
the second week of semester two,
I still didn't change,
and I'm not happy.

I didn't pay attention in the class,
I didn't even touch my tutorials and notes,
I didn't do my sketches,
I didn't change a bit.

people change, and so I do.
I know, they're talking about me.
I can see through their eyes,
the weird, judging eyes,
they're not the same as before.
things change.
and I'm learning to cope with this.

I haven't meet Shahir for almost or more than 2 weeks,
since Hari Raya Haji, if I'm not mistaken.
and we fight a lot these days,
we end up quarrel of unimportant things,
but then, the next day we're the perfect couple, again.
I know, we're just craving for each other..
and I'm the only one who cannot withstand the distance.
not much the distance, but the administration of his college.
sometimes, I wonder, why he choose to be in a military college, it sucks.
but then, I thanked Allah, and proud of what he had chosen.
otherwise, we will never be this strong.
I may never ask for forgiveness for what I've done,
cause apologize and 'sorry' are not my thing.
but I do regret our fight.
so. here, I'm officially ask you thousands of forgiveness,
and, I know I'm a sweet girlfriend ever. thank you.


usuallymebyshahir said...

haha!nak like bule?
bukan salah u sorang..haha..sama ja kita..xda beza pon..

oney said...

HAHA. hellooo. memang bukan salah I !!!
ni I nak marah ni.. tak puas hati jom fight ah! hahaha