Tuesday, 12 October 2010

If You Think of The Year 2050, Think Again.

okay. itu tajuk poster Climate Change and Global Warming untuk final projek subjek Graphic Communication dan juga untuk di submit ke entah-apa-nama-pertandingan-cool-art-ka-apa-benda. I don't give a damn.

malu nak post dalam blog. sangat malu. sebabnya sangat buruk. :'(

perasaan down yang menimpa-nimpa masih menebal.




but, the good thing is, I got a sticker, which means that my poster is one of the 15 posters that have been chosen to participate in the competition. well. actually, Miss Anum likes the idea of my poster, not the presentation of the idea. she personally said that my drawing is so bad and looks childish just like a primary school student, even they can draw better than I do. but she gave me a sticker, being one of the best is awesome. but..

she wants me to redo everything but the tutors said that I just have to edit this and that. I'm depressed ! I have been thinking for a long time, under pressure this evening. how should I improve my poster ? is it possible for me to start all over again and make a better poster for this final project. it is final man, final! I want to be in design so fucking bad! but, if I redo it on the new paper, with the same idea but another way of presenting it, I will be seriously in trouble. I have to submit it on Friday. the stop-motion animation and another poster must be submitted on Monday and my MUET speaking test is also on the same day. and the next day is the exhibition night. andd, final examination is on the next week. gahh.

I seriously in depression.

but I won't cry. being here, being a student of Build Environment foundation year make me stronger. I can work under pressure, I can work without proper sleep and I can work on the very last minute. and I can do it !


come on.

any idea, suggestions, comments and criticisms are much appreciated. :)

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