Tuesday, 12 October 2010

what should I give the title?

after class this evening, me, AC, Fendi and Mai went to the first year architecture students' studio. Kak Nikki invited AC and Fendi, and I just follow them before going back to college. the seniors, especially Huda and Nikki are very nice. they always motivate us to perform well in our foundation year cause it will determine our future whether we will get into architecture, building surveyor, quantity surveyor or estate management. both Kak Huda and Nikki are one of my PASUM senior. they were pre-FAB for batch 2009/2010 and they are amazing. seriously.

my first thought when I enter the studio,


their sculpture, their design, their drawing and everything is awesome ! and they are awesome. too awesome. they are not just talented and creative, but brilliant.

they have no real life. they went to the studio in the morning and go back home in the next morning. fuhh. what a life. some of them were just breakup because they are too busy, and their partner cannot understand their schedule. hello. you are a girlfriend/boyfriend of a future architect. they can design your house, draw your portrait, do cool stuffs which others can't. so, be grateful !

I'm impress with all of them. *standing ovation*

"architecture is not a job, it's a life, you can't stop thinking about it"

I will definitely said, it's true !

I seriously wanna take my children into an art school someday. I want them to be an artist, an architect and a designer. I don't want them to face this situation. I hate myself for being so talentless. okay. seriously, I think too much. I wanna just do it. do it. just follow my instinct, but I can't. I have good ideas, but I don't know how to make them real. I'm way too far from design, too far from architecture. I actually good in studies. just studies. but I hate studies. I wanna do what I like to do, not what I'm able to do. nahh. now I got it. I'm too ambitious. I'm not realistic! but, some people said that we have to dream big. and I dream really big. crap. I better stop now. otherwise, I will rambling all over. I have to think about stop-motion animation. just left this shits aside. it doesn't make sense. bye !


shezz said...

hello dear~
art need lots of practice!!
do play more with them and u will come out with lots of nice results...
art is really nice part of the world to explore~
and for those yg bt art ni...need to explore the world...and those ideas come from nature!
all the best dear~!
i know u can do it~
believe in urself~!

Huda said...

Keep it up, Oney! You're doing fine :) I like how your Cool Art poster turned out. Nice!