Saturday, 24 April 2010

a lady to be..

I stick to wear hijab when I was in form 3, if I'm not mistaken. Shahir told me to do so after he saw my pictures in My Space. HAHA. I know.. I'm just a typical teenage girl at that time. I'm not wearing hijab for real at that age. Yes, maybe I was too young. Hello, I'm fifteen! Yeah, our mothers were also didn't wearing hijab when they were young. They were more daring with skirts and pinafore for school uniform. HAHA. That was in 80s. Should I call it isolated case?

But now, I feel more comfortable, calm and peace when I'm wearing hijab. No one force me. It's just came from my heart. And I didn't care enough about my hair like I used to. I didn't cut my hair for about a year or maybe more than a year. And yes, I didn't get any trim or treatment. It still looks good though. Why I need to waste my time and money for something that are hiding. HAHA. I'll prefer wasting my money on food, clothes, handbags, shoes or scarf. No, it's not wasting actually, but investment. HAHA. Yeah, it sounds ridiculous. I know.

When I was early fifteen, I was like obsess with facial care, hair treatment and everything. Yeah, I thought that because of hormone. I used to wash my face with a facial cleanser from Olay. Then, I switch to Body Shop and its work. I didn't have pimples or oily face or whatever. Actually, at that age, we don't need any other chemical, remedies or whatever to look good. We are already good. Yeah, a fifteen years old girls will always look innocent and cute, of course! Don't you miss it?

But now, when you are eighteen and to let your face being damage and screw up because of your laziness and crazy thinking, it's a no no thing. I don't want to get oily skin, black heads and pimples too much because I'm already low self-esteem. I'm tanned, petite and ugly. Complete package. What else?! I have to do something with my face. Yeah, a facial cleanser would be great. HAHA

Okay, it's crap. I know.. -____-"


kenwooi said...

we all grew up wanting to look good =)

Cik Guli said...

ahah. fifteen~ at the age of trying everythiiinnggg. hahaha

oney said...

KENWOOI : yeah. i think so.. :)

AYUNI : wakaka. absolutely !

alieyanatasha said...

15 was great :)
fyi, i used to wear hijab when i was like 12 because lots of my friends wore it. i felt wrong actually, wear hijab for the wrong reason. wearing hijab just because everyone else wear it is not a good reason. i should wear hijab because i want it, not because somebody else wear it. hijab is not a trend, it's a way of life. one day when i wear hijab, i want to wear it like you. decent and simple, yet stylish :)

oney said...

wahaha. :')
yeah, hijab is a way of life.
but I don't really into Islamic culture.
lots of things to learn and improve..

Leya, you cool ! :D

alieyanatasha said...

we're still young, insyallah still got time to improve ourselves

ehem ehem, we're both are COOL ok :D

oney said...

yeyeahh. we're cool woh ! :D