Wednesday, 24 March 2010

is it real ?

yesterday, when I had my breakfast with Shahir, I saw 3 guys sitting in the same table, talking and laughing while having their breakfast. the unique thing about them, they are from different races which is Malay, Chinese and India. both non Malay guy were very fluent in Bahasa. I was really impressed so that I asked Shahir to snap a picture from the back, but he resist ! urghh.

this is the real example of unity in Malaysia. not only sitting in the bench, talking about unity, go fishing or whatever as been shown through media nowadays. it's cliche, plain and boring. but this is cool. beautiful. and awesome. they were all by late Yasmin..

I've learn the concept of 1 Malaysia since I was young. when I was 6, in my class, there's one Indian boy which I forgot his name. but surely we are friends. I remember the time he shout when teachers came to our class, 'cigu mai, cigu mai, duduk tempat!' till now I remember his voice, cause it's kinda new experience for me, having a first non-Malay friend.

then, when I was in form 4, called 4 Bestari which I was the class monitor. heh. there are 2 Chinese girls, Pei Chia and Ling Hui and a Chinese guy, Shen Yen. there are also a Siamese, Manontri and an Indian, Kanagesh.

Ling Hui and Pei Chia were a good friends of mine. they are friendly and always help me in my study. during Chemistry class at the lab, I sat beside Ling Hui, a daughter to a fisherman, cause it's easy for me to ask her if I cannot understand the lesson. she's congratulate me when we got our result that day. yes, she got 10A+ and she deserve it.

Kanagesh is a nice, smart Indian boy. he's the one who always believe that I can score in the exams. for sure, we always fight to get a good result. he's good in Malay too. either in writing or speaking. we are good friends though. same goes to other male students. he's nice with everyone. playing futsal together, hang out and everything.

that's the real concept of 1 Malaysia. everything around us were not depends on races or differences, but friendship and unity. I'm proud being a citizen of a multiracial country, beloved Malaysia. cause we are all family..


there's no bridge separating us..

celebrating Hari Raya together.

during our farewell dinner last December.

p/s : Atiq cerita adiknya dbuli, dan ntah kenapa aku patriotik sikit hari ni.


kenwooi said...

but the politics are ruining it.. =/

oney said...

yeah. that's really true..
and we are the victims.. =/

Nia Ridzwan said...

u remembered me when i was in 1 Pintar.
kelas tu memang betul-betul multiracial. oh man,i miss them~

its ATIQ said...

haha.. xdak button nak like kaa dlm blog???
like5 this blog babeh!!!! :)

oney said...

NIA : yeahh.
we learn how to unite in Derma !

ATIQ : ni semua cerita pasal ariff la ni.
inspired aku tulis benda benda macam ni..

mierah said...

tu la pasal,
masa duk satu pintar dulu memang semua multicultural,
and no racist at all,
bila form 4 pun,
ada Manyee, Jia Shen,
takda masalah nak kawan dengan Kana,
kawan baek Arep ohhh, haha,
see ?
ini didikan yang kami perolehi di Derma,
pendidikan sepanjang hayat :)

oney said...

HAHA, yeahh.
pendidikan sepanjang hayat :D

Kana memang best friend semua.

munirah mior said...

aku sebak baca , wuu ;'(

oney said...

MOON, terharu aku bila hang sebak, haha :D