Sunday, 14 February 2010

kenduri kendara.

Date : 14 February 2010
Time : 2.00 p.m till 4.30 p.m
Location : Cat's House.

a lot of thanks to Cat for her 5 stars attendance,
and congratulation to Cat's sister for the wedding,
may Allah bless both of them.

p/s : I'm wondering, why there's so many pictures in this blog nowadays. I'm getting tired of typing, perhaps.


f a ndhra said...

gambaq bnyak sebab ada fath

oney said...

haha ! betol fath,
bukan senang nak ada gambar hang, :)

jiBam said...

nmpak ak pnyoo gigi ja~
lawak kowt~

oney said...

takpa cat!
aku suka gambar hang,
comel sangat okay, ceria. ;)