Friday, 12 February 2010

the birthday.

Date : 12 February 2010
Time : supposedly at 3.00 p.m
Location : Pizza Hut, Kangar.

Ainol Basyiruddin, my ex-classmate, ex-schoolmate,
chatting mate, and one of my good friend.
thanks for being my friend !
happy birthday and all the best !

Nan, she is one of my besties.
the girl that always take a good care of me,
support me, love me and trust me for all that I'm doing,
the one that I can rely for the best opinion,
what should be done, what shouldn't.
and always be with me through thick and thin.
Nan, happy eighteenth birthday,
may Allah bless you.

p/s : thanks to Shahir for all your hardship and sacrifices.


Anonymous said...

haha..ais yg sedap dan cantik 2..i yg snap.....hee~ ^^,

NaN said...

thanks oney!
baru la bule kumen..hehe..

oney said...

haha ! thanks to you too Nan.
selalu menjaga aku tau,
selalu bagi aku menang pulak tu,
sedih bila nak menjauh dengan kawan kawan macam hang, :(