Thursday, 11 February 2010

already eighteen.

everyone said today is my day. but I'm not very excited to celebrate my birthday. there are few things that bothering me.

nevertheless, today was blissful though, I thought it's gonna be freaking boring. thankfully, I have a boyfriend and best friends that always be with me to cheer me up. thanks bebeh. because of Helmie was on his holiday, today was Mierah's turns to drive. haha. I'm wondering, how about me ? I have to pay them sooner. I owe you too much friends.

a lot of thanks too, to all my precious friends that wish me on Plurk, Facebook and fon. from last night till today, my wall on Facebook were stuck by the wishes and last year birthday wishes were still on my fon ! I really appreciate that, friends.

lets pictures tell the story.

p/s : some pictures were stolen from Helmie's flickr.

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