Thursday, 15 April 2010

I miss everything about you.

yeah, I miss blogging so damn much ! no, not Facebook or whatever, but my blog. or I prefer to say my crap, rubbish and gloomy blog. not to forget, my beloved and charming friends in Plurk, of course !

I miss Shahir so muchhh. hell yeah. He'll never know, cause I'll never tell him. HAHA. see, how good I am at pretending. not cool.

okay. that's all for premiere. I got so much to mention here. what I've been going through for all these days. I'll tell you letter.

friends, I know, you miss me too.

regards, :)


fath kasim said...


oney said...

HAHAHA, rindu hang jugak Fath !
ehem, tukaq link blog lagi dak ?
nak masuk nehh, :D

fath kasim said...

dakkk tak tukaq

Nia Ridzwan said...

cowboy bag ! <3