Thursday, 5 November 2009

at last..

ahh. today is very blissful, i think. serious. :D

i'm not annoyed.
i'm not stress.
i did'nt getting into any trouble.
i'm not bothering my family and
i treat shahir nicely. :)

ohh. i do nothing with books ! haha.

the thing is,
i got merit for Malaysian National Chemistry Quiz !
bahaha. merit is more than enough for me.
susahh mampos kott jawab kuiz tu. sumpah !
congratulate anyone ? :D

okay. okay.

since teachers were very very busy,
we were busy planning, brain storming for the dinner.
i wish the dinner would be great.

hah. i heard abah enjoying this song, Making Love Out of Nothing at All.
evergreen dohh.

i wish i would have afro hair, or even just like aleya's cousin maybe.
instead of plain straight hair. booring.

*wondering how i would look with afro, tanned skin.
haha. completely african.

erk. okay. okay.
stop mumbling.

i got to go.
time to sleep bebeh.
toodles ! :D

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