Thursday, 10 September 2009

22. when i was..

When i was 4, i learn to count and simple addition and subtraction. My grandma teach me because i always disturb her when she was sewing. (i miss her so much !) She give me coins and colourful threats and ask me to count. She teach me a,b,c too.

When i was 5, i am the most outstanding student in my kindergarten. I always go in front of the class and sing. I play hide-and-seek, polis-polis and tembak-tembak, with the boys because i don't like to play with the girls (none of the girl want to be friend with me). I only have 1 girlfriend, Nashitah Amirah. (we are neighbour and that's why she want/had to be friend with me plus she's gangster too)

When i was 5, i had an accident and it was langgar lari ! I got scars near my eyes, at the back (a large one), mouth and my feet.

When i was 6, i went to school and it's fun because all the teachers love me. Probably because i'm a daughter to a teacher there.

When i was 9/10, i always explore new things. I used water colour to paint on papers and cloth. I tied some stones in a white cloth and pour water colour on it. The paint was wonderful ! kindda cool. (for 9-year-old girl) When my mother saw me with my stuff, she always said 'haa. oney nak buat projek apa pulak dah tu'. Sometimes i make my mother and grandma lost their temper because i never clean it up after i used. (nobody teach me to do so)

When i was 11, i try to sew and i damaged my grandma's sewing machine.

When i was 12, i am the hard-die-fan of Peterpan and The Times. I am the second head prefect and captain of the school netball team. I was awarded as tokoh pelajar. And again. The girls do not want to speak with me and i become a friend to the boys. Then, they spread rumour on me. I got 97% for my English and they said that i got the paper earlier from my tuition teacher. Ehem. Teacher Ruzaida will never do such illegal thing okay. I'm cool. I don't need such a jealousy friends and that's why i never go to the reunion. (maybe i will go to the reunion for this year)

When i was 13, i have a lot of girlfriends ! and they are awesome.

When i was 14, i learn to blog using wordpress and addicted to online. Friendster, Myspace and so on. (normal for a growing up kid)

When i was 15, my grandma passed away and it was the worst thing that happened to me. I'm terribly lost because it was just 2 weeks before the PMR trial. (again. i miss her so damn much !)

When i was 16, i got the offer to SMS Tunku Syed Putra (my father's previous school) but i choose Derma rather than other school because i can't stand the life in hostel. I often skip my tuition and class, that's what i'm really regret now.

Now, I only seventeen and there's long journey to go. Fighting !

till then, :)

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