Tuesday, 8 September 2009

21. Gossip Girl !

ohh. drama series yang mmg aku takk boleh tinggal !
gila best.

okay. aku bukan nak cerita pasal Gossip Girl tu.

hari tu aku curi2 buat test kat facebook guna account kakakku.
hee. aku manada fb kan..
nak mampos aku buat fb.. mmg takk jadi kerja laa. aku kan malas !

okay. test berbunyi : Which girl from Gossip Girl are you ?

eeiu. aku dapat Blair Waldrof.

The Queen B. Chic and charming, you aren't afraid to do whatever possible to get what you want. You can be incredibly cold and unforgiving, especially if someone betrays your trust. But you do have a softer side--you just don't show it to many people. Even though you like to contribute to the drama on the Upper East Side all you really want is to be happy. Did I mention you also have an incredibly complicated love life? But it's ok--a gin martini and a new pair of Manolos will help you through it.

okay. ini Blair. haha.

ohh. kakak kata "gila kuasa laah tuh." ohh tidakk !
aku humble jaa okay. haha


then, kakak buat test tu, dia dapat Vanessa Abrams. hehe

Intelligent and witty, you are a guy's girl. You aren't whiny in the slightest of ways like most Upper East Siders--instead, you cherish life fo...r what you have. You aren't afraid to goof around and "be a guy" when you're with your guyfriends. This makes you a little more disagreeable with girls, who you find to be catty and irritating. Your sense of style is funky and unique, just like yourself. You are very artistic and intelligent, which will carry you far in life. .

bha ha ha. aku rasa mmg kena laah dengan dia. haha.

okay. ini Vanessa.

yeaahh. semestinya aku suka Serena van der Woodsen kann. haha
serius simple, style dan sempoi.

okay. Serena memang terbaik laah. sempoi jaa an ? hee.

yea. ini laah Serena/Blake Lively.
dia ada dlm movie The Sisterhood of Traveling Pants.

okay. dahh. stop. aku memang obsess dgn series ne.
atau lebih tepat lagi.. obsess dgn Blake. hee.

till then, toodles ! ;)

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