Friday, 15 July 2011

selepas sebulan.

hehe, sebulan lebih rupanya aku tak update. pemalas tahap. okay, what up everyone? aku sihat, Alhamdulillah. badan makin berisi. thats good. yang tak bagusnya bila jeans makin ketat, baju makin sendat. so there's no more UK 2 size or XS for me after this. okay, lets make it simple!

1. I put on some weight! last check hari tu 43kg, hihi. thats cool.

2. Perlis sangat panas. fenomena ketibas melanda. thats not cool.

3. dua minggu sudah aku tak online sebab abah tak bayar bil, but he said he did pay the bill. yes abah, that was last month. -,-"

4. I went to Shah Alam and KL last 2 weeks. had a tour around UiTM Shah Alam with Mierah and her friends, went to Midvalley, met Shahir and back to Perlis. supposed to be in KL today and meet Shahir tomorrow. but yeah, shits happen sometimes.

5. Helmie's back from Manchester.

6. Mierah's going to Manchester, pursuing her study in Law, the same Uni as Helmie, University of Manchester, UK. thats awesome! yes, I'm 99% happy for you, 1% of envy but 100% sad. kalau nanti aku cuti, balik nanti there's no one waiting for me. siapa nak bawak makan laksa, teman lepak malam bila craving kuey teaw sup siam pokok tui, siapa nak hantar cupcakes, pulut ayam, bihun sup, tak ada siapa kan. yes, enough Oni !! I should write a special entry about this.

7. my foundation result was terrible. I can't help myself to blame Miss Anum. she gave me B for Art and someone easily got an A even her projects were not so good. I'm not saying that mine is good, but yes, way better, I think. I'm not hoping for a solid A, but based on my previous projects, and what the tutors and her assessment before, I deserve an A- or at least a B+ . haih. tapi syukur, masih lepas untuk JPA scholarship holder. takpa, benda dah lepas Oni. :)

8. I quit a job after 23 days of working. my first salary is RM619.40 ! I'm so proud of myself, haha. :D tapi sekarang tinggal habuk, lol.

9. had a wonderful hangout sessions with friends. especially when Atiq is around. she's like a sunshine, giving a smile in everyone's face, lights up every holes of your heart. exaggerating much Oni? yes, she is!

10. Atiq dapat UM ! Mierah jugak dapat UM. watch out, we'll make an awesome trio! itu pun kalau Mierah sudi mencemar duli ke UM lah kan instead of MU, haha. congrats friends! you guys are awesome!!

and for mama and abah,
thanks for your constantly prayers ;


its Atiq said...

hahaha.. short but detail gilaa.. haha

oney said...

haha, mesti ah.
aku kan power, hahaha.
malas nak tulis panjang panjang,
maka kita pendekkan.
orang pon bukan rajin membaca sangat, haha.