Friday, 29 April 2011


hello there.. Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

how's life everyone? mine's pretty good, Alhamdulillah. I cherish every moments spend at home even though there's nothing much to do, the same routine going on day by day.. but there's nothing to complain. not even a sigh or a thought of boredom (for now). this is what I've been waiting for.. Home and a loooong holiday.

I just love the smell of Home, the presence of family, the priceless moments with my twin little sisters, the fridge with full of foods and dutch lady's milk, home cooked meal, I enjoy cooking and baking (soon), crossing legs on the couch like a boss, watching sports, home wifi, own bed, pillows and comforters, purple painted walls and white ceiling on my room, and not to forget, super duper cool and awesome friends..

I just love every single thing about Home. there's nothing to worry. and everything seems so nice, cosy and safe.

soon, I'll look for a job. maybe I'll go for a part time teacher or casher (?) blerghh. even though I hate working with a fix schedule, but I have too. I need money! and experience, of course. and maybe I'll look for a construction firm around Kangar if there's any part time work that I can do.. insyaAllah. tengok lah kalau rajin.. everyday I don't feel like doing anything.. *gaya Mars Bruno dan konco-konco monyetnya*

there's a lot more to do! I want to polish my guitar skill and play keyboard sometimes.. so the keyboard in my house would not be just a deco.. I want to sketch frequently and learn how to draw and colour so that I won't be so down in the class because of this disability. I want to be a better person, a good daughter and an awesome friend. and I wanna go to SMK Derma tayang muka dan bermesra dengan cikgu-cikgu sambil mengimbau kenangan lalu.. because once Dermarian always a Dermarian!

so, yaa! that's it. till then, see ya again! choy. I don't know when is it, maybe tomorrow, maybe tonight, maybe next week? I'll write if I want to. so, have a great day everyone. whoever you are, thank you for coming and sorry for taking your time. take care and.. enjoy your time whenever, wherever you are cause time that past, will never return. so, grab the chance and live your life to the fullest!


Nia Ridzwan said...

once dermarian always dermarian.
haha, mau nak p ajak aku sama :D

Myra Arshad (: said...

duk rumah belajaq masak pun cool jugak xD