Saturday, 2 October 2010


18th October 2010 : MUET speaking test
a little bit nervous cause I don't know who will be my group members. I hope I can get at least band 4 or 5. heh.

19th October 2010 : submit Graphic Communication final project
I have to submit my final project of Graphic Communication subject which is an A1 size climate change poster, Chungking Express 30 seconds stop-motion animation and a poster of the animation in A2 size. it's a huge task isn't ? Omaigoddd. I'm scared ! This is the final assessment whether I manage to get into design or non-design. This is my first time to do stop-motion animation. For 1 second of animation, we need at least 12-23 frames of drawing, so imagine how much drawing I have to do just for 30 seconds stop-motion animation. 360-690 drawings?! shit.

Paku Exhibition Night.
Paku is our batch name. Although it sounds weird, but the meaning is there. I am the assistant room manager of the event. Nothing much to do, just book the exhibition room, arrange the chairs, stage and others. I hope I can devote something to my fellow course-mates and the exhibition day will be great.

23th October 2010 : submit Architecture Drafting portfolio.
haih. haih. haih. I'm tired of all this stuffs. I do enjoy doing draughtsmanship exercise but not in rushing mood. When the drawing is completed, and the shape of the object is visible, it such a beautiful satisfaction. The starting point is just based on a line, and the combination of lines give a shape. awesome. but, draughtsmanship never fail to get into my nerves when I have to re-dos all the exercises. I took at least 2-4 hours for every draughtsmanship exercise. imagine. haih.

25th October 2010 - 5 November 2010 : Final Examination.
Ya Allah. I hope I can do very well in my final examination. I'm so freaking nervous cause until this day, my effort is zero! Even if I didn't manage to get myself into foundation in design, I will always be a designer in my own ways.. definitely.

see. how busy I am ? that's why I'm neglecting my blog.. sighhh.


pojie said...

ok la final 5th nov.
aku final start 4th october..
cuak bai.

oney said...

final aku 25 October la der.
cuak gila tak sempat study banyak,
assignment sangat menghambat. =/