Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Malam Ekspresi Garisan.

I'm in the top 5 best drawing in stop motion animation!


I don't know, why on earth they choose mine as one of the best drawing.. ugh. my drawings are far from perfection.. maybe, the imperfection makes it special, cause it will looks weird, its art, art is weird. haha. really ? no. I really don't know..

maybe its because of my lettering. haha. I'm good in writing.. not drawing.

AC had been chosen as top 5 best animation and Fendi won the best drawing in the animation. they will always on the top rather than me. hey. I don't mind. we did it ! our 2 weeks with improper sleep, unhealthy meals, skipped classes finally payed ! and I'm really looking forward to be in design.. but first of all, I have to focus on my final examination next week! I have been neglected my studies for a long times because of this final project..

urm. it may sound stupid, or over react.. I cried when my animation had been played! gosh. who will ever thought that I will be selected as one of the best drawing in the animation? cause my drawing is really baddd. and I did myanimation on the very last minute. it only takes 2 days to be done.

somehow, I believe in myself that I will be selected as one of the best animation, but not in the best drawing category. haha. sound over confident isn't? but yeah. thats me. even though I'm always being low self esteem, but deep inside my hard, I believe in myself.. hey. sometimes, over confident will bring you down. watch out.

okay. I'm rambling.

then, after the exhibition night, me, AC, Fendi and Mai went to Midvalley for midnight movie. urgh. Dinner With A Schmucks is really annoying. trust me! but the ending was quite nice.. I don't mind. I'm happy tonight! all my hard works payed! tomorrow I will be hibernated for 24/7. yeahh.

okay now, I gonna post my animation on facebook, cause mama want to watch my animation! I called her right after the exhibition to inform her.. yeah. I know, she will be proud of me.. :)