Sunday, 25 July 2010

yeay! today was a blast even though I caught a flu. I woke up at 11, which I never done before in college, take a bath at 4 p.m, online and wasting my time! what more?

Nazirul pick me up at 5.30, fetch Faris and Ammar. then we went to UiTM Arau. here we go! I met Nia, Ili, Amalina, Ena and the birthday girl, Hanna. wohoo! superb! I miss them so damn much!

months with new environment and strangers, finally I'm home! yeah. nothing much excitement in Perlis compared to KL, but here's my home.. a place with full of love, joy, and peace, Kangar. this Friday I gonna go to my grandma's. yeah. I miss her so much. gonna eat lots of rambutans! yeay!

hey. I have a skype account now! wohoo. lame. HAHA. got to go. bye! :D

yeah. I need to do something with my blog template. it makes me vomit! ohh. i didn't use any template, either. it's just a plain boring! gahh

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