Tuesday, 15 September 2009

27. teacher ?

i have just finished teaching simple mathematics to my my 7-year-old sister.
fiuhh. i'm so tired. and tension !
to teach a kid with no basic at all is more difficult rather than teaching a secondary school student.
seriously, trust me. at least, they know the basic of addition and subtraction.

okay. i helped my sister to do her mathematics homework, addition and subtraction.
she ask me, what is the answer for 27-11 ?
i teach her to use the 'bentuk lazim'.
then, when she did the question for 12-7, she did not know how to use the 'bentuk lazim'
and i had to think another solution for her.
i asked her to count started from 7 until 12 by using her fingers.
finally, she got the answer.

but, when it comes to question, 3+22,
here's the problem..
we only had 10 fingers. yes. only ten.
i asked her to use 3 fingers and counts started from 22,
but she asked me, why 3 ?
the question said, 3+22.. not 22+3 !

ohh. tiresome !
i had to give her few examples like, 2+3=5 and 3+2=5.
with little arguments since i lost my temper, (i'm not enough patience)
then, she started to understand and manage to answer the questions correctly.
but i don't think she's fully understand what i had teach her.

fuhh. i think, i'm not capable to be a teacher or lecturer.
maybe, i will bite my students.

till then,

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DESS said...

Now you know..... Teaching is not that easy as it looks... Patience, tolerance, and the worst thing is to bring yourself to the same level as the student. That's why teachers a good actors... Welcome to the world of Teachers.